WOXA: What are Corporate Actions?

2 min. readlast update: 11.23.2023

Woxa notifies investors about corporate actions through Woxa Support, and investors can check for updates on the Feed or Stocks Calendars


About Corporate Actions.

Corporate actions registered by a company on the stock exchange refer to any actions that affect market prices or the value of stocks. These actions, in turn, impact changes in stock value and the number of shares held by shareholders.

Woxa.com: What about the corporate actions of CFD?

Woxa provides CFD investment services. If Corporate actions occur that will affect CFD investments, that is, the events or activities related to the underlying asset of a contract for difference.

These corporate actions can include events such as : 

  1. Stock Split and Reverse Stock Split 
  2. Delisting 
  3. Merger and Acquisition
  4. Dividend 
  5. Rights Issues
  6. Spin-Off
  7. Symbol Change 

Currently, Woxa manages corporate actions related to Stock Splits and Reverse Stock Splits, Delistings, Mergers and Acquisitions, Dividends, and Symbol Changes.

When a corporate action occurs for the underlying asset of a CFD, it can have an impact on the CFD position held by the investor; depending on the nature of the corporate action, it may result in adjustments to the CFD, including changes in contract size, pricing, or other terms, to account for the changes in the underlying asset.

CFD investors need to stay informed about corporate actions as they can affect the value and terms of their CFD positions. Investors should refer to the terms and conditions of their CFD provider for specific information on how corporate actions are handled for their CFD.

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