What is a market spike?

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A market spike is an abrupt and comparatively big upward or decrease movement of a price.

A market spike happens when the market is unstable, and it frequently correspond to news and events.

Your requested Stop Loss or Take Profit rate can be reached or surpassed due to a market spike. The trade would close at the next accessible price if the desired rate wasn't traded in the market. You can as a result make or lose more on the trade than you expected.

Since we don't influence events or market conditions, we don't offer compensation in these cases. However, you can expect market swings to be more likely at certain moments because they are planned events.  

For Example:


What is bearish?

Bearish is a market situation where the market price decreases below 20% or higher than its recent price, which happens sometimes because of widespread pessimism and negative investor sentiment.  




What is bullish?

Bullish is a market situation where the market price increases below 20% or higher than its recent price.Happen sometimes because of widespread optimism and positive investor sentiment. 


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