The part close on Woxa's Platform.

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What is the part close?

Part close in stock trading or financial markets refers to the act of closing a portion of an open position without closing the entire position. In other words, it involves reducing the quantity or volume of contracts you hold while keeping some of the position open in the market. Using partial close can help reduce risk and manage your finances in trading more effectively, without the need to fully close a position when the market is moving in the direction you desire according to your trading plan. 


The steps and methods for using Partial Close in investments

In the Part Close selection, you can do it when the amount is more than minimum rate and minimum exposure that default from the platform. So if you can not do the part close that means your amount is less than the minimum rate.  

- Can do the part close.  


  • You can close only part of the trade by entering Amount or Units. Amount must be more than $5 because this is the minimum for trading in each position.  

For example: You selling BATSUD at a price of 0.24950 using 3,000 USD with a leverage is 1, you will get units 12024.048096 units. Later, if the price of BATSUD decrease to 0.17507 (resulting in a profit of 0.07443 points).             

Conditions for partial closure.

  • The minimum amount for crypto = $5   
  • Maximum, which is determined by the value - minimum amount = $3,890 

Value = Amount + Profit/Loss        

Profit/Loss = (Open rate - Current rate) x Units x Conversion rate                                           

Value = 3,000 + 895 = 3,895

Profit/Loss = (0.17507 - 10.24950 ) x 12024.048096 x 1 = 895 

Maximum = 895 - 5 = $890

Therefore, the conditions for partial closure in this case are:

Minimum = $5

Maximum = $3,890


  - Cannot do the part close


  • Your trading investment is lower than the conditions so the platform does not show the “Part close” button.   


Advantages and disadvantages.

  • If you want to partially close your position, you can do so within the range of 5 to 3,890 usd.
  • If your position does not allow partial close, it means that your available funds are not within the range of 5 to 3,890 usd.



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