How to cancel pending order on Woxa?

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

What is Pending order?

A "Pending Order" is a type of advance trading order that traders use to automatically place buy or sell orders in the future when certain market conditions are met. It helps reduce the risk of errors that may occur when the market moves, whether up or down, during times when traders are not actively monitoring price charts or sitting in front of their screens.   

How to cancel pending order?

If you trade when the market closed that means your order is pending, so you can cancel that order by follow this instruction:

Step 1: Go to “Portfolio” 


Step 2: Click on drop-down list so you can find pending order in “orders”

Step 3: When you click “Orders” you will see pending order


Step 4: Click “X” then click “cancel” to cancel your pending order  



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