How to cancel a Copy Trade on Woxa?

1 min. readlast update: 11.07.2023

When using Woxa's Copy Trade feature, when the Copier has copied the Master, the Copier will receive all the assets that the Master has invested in.  

After you have successfully executed a Copy Trade on Woxa, if you wish to cancel it, you can check cancellation information from the following content: 


Can I cancel some assets from the Master?

You cannot cancel immediately, but you have the option to cancel later.



When you copy the Master's orders, remember that you need to copy all of them, and the minimum order is $100. If you've started copying, go to the 'Portfolio' page, choose 'Master,' and manage or close the assets you don't want to copy anymore. 

Can I cancel my copy trade on Woxa?


Copiers can unfollow the master anytime by clicking “stop copy”. It will automatically close the order at the current price. If the market is closed, you will get the first price when the market opens (entry price).  

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