How is Woxa Social trading?

1 min. readlast update: 11.07.2023

Woxa's social trading has the various features that Woxa offers in social trading can make your experience enjoyable, including sharing, liking, commenting, as well as special features like Copy Trading.  



Social Trading on Woxa.

At Woxa, we have a unique feature called social trading. It helps you connect with people from all around the world who invest in different things. You can talk to them, share ideas, chat, and learn from experienced traders worldwide. 


Social Trading Profiles on Woxa.

At Woxa, you can make your own profile to show who you are in the social trading community. Share what you know, make friends with people who think like you, and let everyone know you're part of social trading with your special profile.


Copy Trading Feature

Woxa has a unique feature called Copy Trading. It lets you copy the investment choices of expert traders and add them to your own portfolio.   

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