How is Woxa Social feed?

1 min. readlast update: 11.07.2023

Woxa's Social feeds offer a diverse range of interesting content. You can track market movements and follow the investments of other traders from all over the world to share experiences. Additionally, you can express your opinions, share post, like, share, comment, and engage in sharing investment experiences. Your trading ideas with others in Woxa's active social trading network.


 Social Trading Profiles on Woxa


At Woxa, you can make your own profile to show who you are in the social trading community. Share what you know, make friends with people who think like you, and let everyone know you're part of social trading with your special profile. 

 Information and news from the News Feed.


By using Woxa's News Feed, traders will continue to receive important market updates and changes crucial for their investments, such as news from Woxa Support and Market Watch. This ensures confidence and efficiency in your investment decisions.

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